Signage Design

There is more to sign design.

In days of old shopkeepers or merchants would display signage outside their place of business which would mostly have the name of the business and perhaps what the business did. In the times prior to television, the internet and social media such signage would normally suffice. Today however it does not and yet so many businesses think it does.

Today signage forms a vital part of a business’ presence and more importantly its image. The psychology of signage may well sound strange to some but the truth is the signage which a business displays will often play a significant role in the success or otherwise of that enterprise.

Never leave signage to the last minute and always employ a professional sign company to help you with ideas and implementation.

Three tips on Business Signage:

Have colours that set you apart from the neighboring businesses. If neighboring shops have red signage, use blue signage or vice versa. First make sure, though, that you research what colours your best customer prefers.

Use simple fonts on your signs. So often I meet new start businesses which want to use fancy fonts. Some fonts are so hard to read that I have great difficulty in trying to figure out the name of the business on the signage.

I call too many words on a sign ‘novel-ling’. When was the last time you stopped to read a sign full of text­­­­­­­­­­ that wasn’t your own? The truth is that most customers are too busy to spend time reading your sign.

Remember, your signage can be your best sales rep or your biggest liability. Don’t rush, don’t guess and don’t take the advice of amateurs. Get your signage right from the get go and get your business going.